07 August 2012

Shimano C3000 spool on 2500 Body

Similiar - Except the color
After a month's wait, my Alivio C3000 spool have arrived and collected. This spool is to be fitted on my recently acquired Aernos FA2500 body. Although the Aernos comes with a spare spool already, I prefer to use a C3000 spool for my noodle rod application giving me a tad more line capacity should I needed it.

As the Aernos FA does not comes in C3000 size, thus I need to order the C3000 spool from another reel model, I choose the Alivio as it is the cheapest available I think. So how does it fits? In terms of functionality it fits like a glove, of course the color does not match. As long as it serve it's function, look doesn't really bother me.

Fits Perfectly
So here it is, the reel I will be using for my noodle rod application.

25 July 2012

Rare Find at Tackle Shop

Rare sight at Local tackle shop
Reels like these are not going stir up much excitement for the younger anglers when they see it at tackle shops. However to some of us, seeing this reel displayed at a tackle shop bring back memories. To me these are the reels that I told myself that I wanted to buy when I grow when I am much younger, at a time where money is hard to come by. Of course by the time my economic situation improves, these reels are already out of production and out of stock at tackle shops.

Make in Japan no less
A couple of days ago, meet up with a fellow fishing friend to simply just visit some tackle shops and to catch up. At one of the tackle shop, notice that they do have some old Shimano Bantam reels on display. Of course I take a longer look at these reels as you seldom see them around anymore. Then he pull out this reel out of the display cabinet, and ask 'You interested?'. Of course I am, but I need a quick check on the schematic to confirm this is on the wormshaft system before confirming my order.

This purchase really make my day, make that a week or even months. It is like you fulfill one of your childhood dreams, making good that promised you made yourself many many years ago.

The reel itself have nothing much to shout about given the technology advances in the fishing reels over the years. But it still holds it charm to a certain group of anglers, maybe for whatever reasons, would love to get their hands on reels from a bygone period.

If you love reels like these, grab the last few pieces from Deep Sea Sport Fishing tackles, on top of the Symetre, there are also the Super Ship Navi and Bantam BC reels. They are available at a very reasonable prices, and for once, this is really 'While Stock Last'.

09 July 2012

DIY Spinners to suit your tackle setup

Abu Reflex on the Left, DIY on Right
In actual fact, I can't really call this a DIY project as there are just too many items that are purchased in this project. Spinners are not really expensive to purchase from tackle shops, maybe because they are such low-tech items. But we are very limited by the choices available here, it might be because it is already out of fashion. So tackle shop does not really stock them up in variety.

Most off the shelf spinners are usually heavier then what I would like them to be, so a few years ago, I made an on-line purchase of some common spinner blades and clevises. But with my usual stroke of bad luck, only the blades arrives and the clevises are somehow not in the package. So these blades are sitting at my box of lures as I could not find the clevises in our tackle shops. I have sort of given up any hope of using these blades as the clevises are proving to damn elusive to be found here.

02 July 2012

Virgin trip to Pandan Reservoir

It have been a long long time since I do freshwater luring, it not that I don't enjoy it, but some of the legal area is ridiculous to fish. When Pandan reservoir is first opened for fishing, I am so happy as I have long heard of rumors that there are huge peacock bass.

Many months ago, I make my way down to the Pandan reservoir with full intention to fish. But I just couldn't find the legal fishing spot, granted I didn't walk the entire compound, it is just to huge an area for me to walk around just to seek out where is the legal spot.

Luckily, a fellow fisho I knew in Facebook is making his way there today and invited me to join him for some freshwater fun, he gave me good instruction how to get there and viola, I managed to find the 'elusive' legal spot at Pandan reservoir, Hooray!!! It is a nice jetty with a pretty decently long platform to lure.

21 June 2012

AJN 5ft6 Solid Carbon - Improved version

All Japan Network (AJN) have just released a new batch of their extremely popular 5ft6 Stealth Solid carbon rod.

Just weeks after I have just lay my hand on their first batch of rods, they now released a new batch..... I think I am damn slow on the previous review.

I didn't have the physical rod with me, my observations are based on the information released by AJN and the pictures of the new batch of rods. 

The blanks used are the same design as the previous batch, but with some minor but important changes to the accessories used. Boy do they take the feedback receive seriously.

First up, my major complaint the top guide. Now it have been changed to a different style, not too sure if the ring diameter have been increased, I sure hope it has.

Next is the stripper guide, for layman like me, that's the guide closest to the butt. It is now have a bigger diameter. Personally I do not have any issue with the previous size, but maybe if matched with a bigger reel, the casting distance could be compromised if the stripper guide have a smaller diameter.

Last change is purely a cosmetic or if you like a vanity change, the butt cap have the company's name printed on it instead of being just a plain design.

Stock is already available and is selling at SGD65.

Disclaimer - No Payment is received for this write up.
Photos are property of All Japan Network

15 June 2012

New toy - Shimano Aernos 2500 FA

Fresh Out of Tackle Shop
Frankly I cannot remember when is the last time I walk into a tackle shop to buy a reel. Those budget Shimano reels have serve me very well indeed over the years, of course I do give them some care like giving them a shower after each trip and service them once in a while.

When the Shimano Aernos FA series is launched in our sunny island, I didn't pay too much attention to it as I thought this is the previous version of Aernos getting a color facelift. I do have an older generation AernosXT C3000 reel, and am not too impressed by it.

Comes with Reel Package
While doing some research and downloading schematic drawings for some reels, I chance upon this reel again and study it more in detail, oh boy the specs does look impressive. After getting some help from local anglers to check the pricing, I did ever declare that at this reel is one of the Best Value for Money reel at present.

So what prompt me to buy this reel? First off, as you can see from the picture, it comes with a spare spool with the reel, and the impressive bearing count. More importantly, this reel have Ball bearings where you wanted it most, namely two for the Drive gear, one for Pinion gear, one on the roller, and one on the Eva handle. It would prefect if they can just add one more for the oscillating gear. And of course to put my money where my mouth is, since it is such good value for money, I just have to buy it.

09 June 2012

AJN Stealth Carbon 5ft6

Rod Specs, this is a used rod thus all the marks and scuff marks
Finally lay my hand on this rod, but this is not my rod, it is a rod I borrowed on one fishing trip. This model sold out so fast that before I even have the chance to say 'I wanna buy', every single piece is sold already.

First off, the specs
Mfg - AJN
Model - SCS561UL
Length - 5ft6; Single piece
Guide - SIC, not Fuji though
Line rating - 8 to 16lbs

From what I have understand this rod uses a one-piece solid carbon blank, attached to a graphite butt which house the reel seat. This is constructed this way instead having the blank all the way down to the reel seat is to prevent flex at the reel seat.

So how does this rod perform? I can't really tell since I didn't have the chance to use this rod to catch anything else other then tamban. However when I did a rod loading test at home the rod perform very nicely, the rod flex nicely at the front and the rear section feel like it have a reasonable amount of backbone.

Personally I think this rod should should perform well in these application, pay pond fishing and off-shore micro jigging. A thin rod tip to impart lures / jigs action and a fair amount of backbone to fight a decent sized fish.

And for the price it is retailed, I would say that this is really good value for money. I do like the rod action and overall feel and it comes with SIC guides, a minor complaint I have is the top guide, I would prefer it to have bigger diameter ring. I would pair this with a Shimano 1000 or C2000 sized reel, think it would achieve a nice balance.

Bad news if that there is zero stock at the moment, no idea when the new stock would arrived. On the plus side, AJN will be launching their Jigging Jack and Jigging Jazel, it will be having 2 different handle for jigging and luring. If the blank is based on the similar blank design as this rod, it should do well for light jigging applications.

Disclaimer - No payment is received for this write up. Rod is not writer's rod, it is a borrowed rod
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