31 August 2008

Luring catch at Location 'AMK'

Luring is a new form of fishing method I am more serious about it recently. My 1st attempt at luring is almost 5 years ago, arm with just 2 plugs, Storm Thunderstick and another model which I cannot remember it now.

Recently a good friend and kaki introduce me to this spot which I codename 'AMK' which yields a very decent amount of fishes caught, albeit small catches.

This entry simply compiles some of the catches I have there. Future entries will havea more in depth catch report. So enjoy the pics for now.

13 August 2008

Inzanai 13ft 3 piece

When I started fishing, I usually fish at beach or at Bedok Jetty. So long rods are my usual tackles and I buy and sell off rod to find one that I like.

I never did buy a 'Jetty Rod' till the chance came for me to buy this hard to find rod, it is from a regular fisho at BJT who have injured his back and can no longer use this rod. He build the rod himself and surprising the reel seat position suits me perfectly. He even let me try casting it to see if I like the rod before money change hand.

There is no line rating on the rod, and I have comfortably cast 8oz sinker on this super stiff rod. Rod are fitted with Fuji Chrome SIC, Fuji reel seat. Top section is white, the other two section is glossy black.

As times goes by and some fisho friend who know that I have this rod start to tell me more about this rod, not too sure how much of these are true.

One surfcaster bought in the rod blanks to SG, only 4 pieces are bought in. Three are 40lb line and one 60lbs line rating. The one I am hold is suppose the 60lb line rating one, which I cannot confirm.

12 August 2008

Anyfish Anywhere Big Beach 14 ft

I sold off most of my surf rod to when I decide to buy this, this rod is almost everything I want in a surf rod. 14ft, soft tip, coaster reel seat, and a slim blank that can take 6oz sinker, only grip I have is that I hope that the guide from be of better material.

Derrick organized a mass order for this rod, and I duly place my order with him. It took a while for it to arrive, and I went for a practice cast with this rod at Changi CP7 and pair this rod with the Penn525 Mag. The casting is easy and distance good! After a while I got tired and tie a simple long snook rig, bait up with squid and cast out, in less then 15 min, the line out alarm goes in one short burst and then a long one. I suspect I have a stingray at the other end, thumb to set hook, tighten drag and the rod loads beautifully. But I lost the fish due to rig failure.

Sadly that's the only thing this rod catches so far as I seldom do beach casting even I purchase this rod. I hope to start doing it again soon and not let this rod go to waste.


Silstar Powersurf 3679-360

This is the 2nd piece of Powersurf rod I bought, the first piece I bought is sold to a friend who try out the rod, like it so much that he purchase it from me the very first time I use the rod.

Popularly known as the 'Red Head Soldier' (Hokkien) among the older gen of surf caster, this rod is 12ft, 2 section with the tip in red, while the rest is in black. Coaster are used to secure the reel. I usually cast size 4 to 5 oz sinker with this rod.

This is a fairly simple rod to cast due to it's soft tip, and I use it when I go for an lazy surf-fishing outing. As this is an old school rod, the blanks are think and the guide sucks. When the guides start to give way, I will have the guide changed and still uses it.

Shimano Convergence 6ft - CVS60M2

Purchase this rod 2nd hand for one sole purpose only - jigging tamban. I never had any intention to use it for anything else as it is a medium power rod, not much lifting power, but long enough to dislodge tamban off the tamban jigs.

Only when I started luring, then I discover that this rod is suitable for casting light lures, 1/8 to 1/2 oz. Since then I am using it so very often for my luring trip, pairing it with either Ofmer Axis 6 or Daiwa SS700.

Good for light game fishing, had a great time fighting a 2-lbs odd PB with this rod and 4lbs line.

Majorcraft Slicer 7ft - MC702H

When Majorcraft rods hit our shores, it caused quite a small stir. Beautiful crafted japanese rods but at a more affordable prices then high end branded rods.

I ponder for a long time before I purchase this rod, as I am not into luring then. Decided to buy a 2nd hand rod thru forum when I have an Abu 5600D5 to match the rod should I want to do luring.

After I purchase it, it remains on the rod rack for a long time. Start to see action when I get more serious into luring.

Eupro Hammer 8ft - HRFS802MH

For a while when I go up to Sibu kelong, I will bring along one big bunch of fishing rods. Each one have it's own specific function and target species. I feel the need to purchase a more GP rod for kelong, so that I can reduce the rods I bring up to kelong. By changing the rig, I can use this rod for jigging tamban, selar, light bottom, parang hunting, jig casting, etc.

It is modest price tag and unique color prompt me to buy this instead of others, as I will be using this rod of all sort of rough and tumble action, i refuse to buy a more expensive rod in case it get damaged.

Am happy with the rod, use it pretty often.

Osprey ShoreCast 10ft

Surf Rod at 10ft? Isn't it a bit short? Yet, indeed it is a short rod for surf cast purpose. However, this is a light surf rod, never intended to use it to target biggies.

Thus usually will bring this rod out when I am going for a longer surf session. Rig this rod with a simple 3 hook Apollo and size 2 or 3 size for some mini action.

Silstar Teal Ultralight T100-SN 10ft

The 'original' noodle rod that I have when I try my hand at todak hunting. I bought it 'Used Condition' when it is advertised in the forum, original owner sold it because he don't know how to use the rod.

For a period of time, a bunch of us go Sibu kelong to hunt for todak, DesT with his G Loomis, Nimo with his Daiwa Heartland and me with the Silstar Teal. Nothing beats the G Loomis for the flex and sensitivity, while the Heartland in my view is a Float rod, while the Silstar though with a better flex then the Heartland still closer to a Float rod rather then true noodle.

Later Nimo found out the Siow Chiang have close to 200pcs of this particular rod (and many more in the 8ft and 9ft), he organized a mass order for FK forum at $15 each. Suddenly there are 146 anglers around SG using the same rod that I have been singing praises about for a few mths then.

Now the first Silstar rod that I have is semi-retired, use to old age and heavy usage, the reel seat fit is no longer good. But I still use it when I hunt for half beak or wanted some UL fun, only reason why I use this over the G Loomis is that it cast better and further.

There is another 2 of these rods that I got when Nimo did the mass order, will be keeping them as I think somehow, I might need it which is quite unlikely since I already have gotten a G Loomis that is built with quality Fuji components.

09 August 2008

Short Luring session at GuiLin

Decided to go GuiLin to do a luring session as part of my learning process of luring.

After a long period, finally landed this PB, which is also the largest PB I have landed at GuiLin. Nice short fight on UL tackle.

Shimano Convergence 6'6"
Ofmer Axis 6, 4lb Fireline with 12lb leader
Yozuri Crystal Minnow, Green Gold.

Little GuiLin

Popularly known as Little GuiLin, this park is officially name Bukit Batok Town Park, is used to be a quarry. When it pay it's due, the part of the remaining rock feature are suppose to look like the famous scenic GuiLin in China, hence it is named Little GuiLin.

There is a pretty decent size lake which is towered by rock cliff on one side, which is totally unaccessible, while the other bank is where the park is.

PhotobucketPark is located on Bt Batok East Ave 5, which is a 5 minute walk from Bt Gombak MRT station, or using bus service 945, there's a bus stop right at the door step of the park. Those who drive can use the nearby HDB carpark, which is free on Sunday and Public holiday. Park at the waiting area at your own risk.

I will split the park into 3 section, when facing the rock cliff, left, right and center. The right and center portion are have a steep bank with low stone walk, which makes landing large fish close to impossible unless you are using heavy line or have landing net.


On the left side, is where I usually go to do some fishing water luring, something that I start to do on a regular basis just recently. When I first started luring, I simply just can't get any hits, fishes are simply not interested to chase my lure. Maybe I sucks at it, maybe where I fish have no fish, maybe the fishes dun like my BO, excuses excuses. Thus I lost interest in luring for a long period.
Recently with the petrol price hitting sky high, I decided to go back to do fresh water luring to cure my fishing itch. Because there is 2 legal fresh water pond near my place, namely Little GuiLin and Jurong Lake. Take the saving from petrol and buy some lures.

Determined to get some fish on lures, I need to learn how to work these lures, luckily met Fishless on a couple of St John island trip and he is kind enough to teach this old man about the different type of lures and how to work it. Old man then dust off his Abu 5600D5 and Majorcraft Slicer and is ready to rumble! Hold on a second, unlike the 90mm and 120mm lures, lures used for freshwater are generally small and lighter, quick check on the Slicer, what the heck, min weight 3/8 oz.... WTF!!!! No choice, revert to back up set, Shimano IM6 with Daiwa SS700 (I change to Ofmer Axis 6 at a later stage and the SS700 is too heavy and upset the balance of the rod).

3 trip and zero fish, this old man feel his blood pressure raising, getting very edgy, kind of like menopause. Already start to bald and still pulling his hair out trying to figure out what want wrong and why no fishes. Even the very scenic view of this park fails to take this failure off my mind.


I needed help badly, and PM Dave, Lure Haven, asking him PB take simi lure. his reply 'Generally everything, and easy to catch'. WTF, easy to catch yet I still zero figher. I give myself more excuses, Little Guilin have NO FISH, that's why I caught Nothing.

However, excuses are excuses (women know this phrase very well), I still believe that there are still fishes in the lake, I still need to prove myself wrong. So on a regular basis, my weekend early morning are spend at Little Guilin, determined to get something, esp PB, on lures.

No sure if my technique improved, or I have better luck, or I have downgrade to a smaller reel and thinner line, or whatsoever reason, the last few trips I managed to land one or two PB, not big but at least proof that this lake is still not dead. This is the area where I usually go fishing, the left side of the lake, it is an open grassland, and natural bank. So landing the fishes does not need any landing net or special equipment.


okay okay, before you start asking me how come no pic of fishes. Just this morning, I caught my biggest PB there and also the smallest one ever. Felt damn bloody bad as you can see from the pic below, one of the treble hook ripped the flesh off it's cheek. Now disfigured, I hope that that the male PB will not be turned off by the scar when it recovers and mate with it soon.


Lure is a Yozuri Crystal minnow, Green Gold if I remember correctly. When I am about to go off, I heard some rattling plastic sound and I decided to investigate. Thinking that some frogs might have trapped itself in one of those discarded plastic bags. See what I 'caught'. PB fry.

Happy to see that as it means that water condition is good enough for the wildlife there to reproduce and then let me catch them, hahaha. However, do remember that this lake have no stream to refresh it's water, water are from the rainwater from the surrounding. Thus sediments are something seen on the water surface.

Anyone keen to join me on weekend morning to try out this lake do contact me to arrange. As always, please practice CnR, and fish at legal area. If we are able weed out illegal fishing, hopefully more reservoir, lakes, rivers will be open up for legalized fishing. I know lah, legal place less fish, fish smaller. But hope everyone can and will do their part in hope that more places will allow anglers to fish.

08 August 2008

Penn 930 - Second Reel

Purchase this reel as I didn't want to use the Penn 930 that my dad pass to me earlier. So chance upon this on the web and bought it.

Hopefully one day my dad and myself go fishing we can use the same model reel to fish.

Still use this reel when I go for light surfing and kelong. Cast knob have been lost on the kelong and replacement part is bought thru the web.

Shinamo Chinumatic 1000XT

Bought this reel from my fishing kaki Nesasi together with some lures. This reel have a very unique feature as the handle bar moves when line is being pull out on drag.

Japanese use this to target CHINU, Black Sea Bream (Kurodai), thus the unique feature of this reel.

Very light reel, with 2 extra shallow spool included in the package.

Daiwa Sealin-X 50HV

This is my jetty reel, the only jetty reel I owned. Big Powerful but average casting distance, use it at BJT and Kelong only.

Bought it 2nd hand from a fishing kaki.

Daiwa Grandwave Z30

This is one of the fav reel of surfcaster in this region. Sadly Daiwa no longer produce these beauty.

I bought this from the internet who sell it off at quite a steal compare to the price others are calling for.

Never use this reel at all although it is sold as a 'Used' item.

Kept in box and papers. Don't think I will ever use this reel.

White Rabbit WR-F 3003

Purchase this reel for one reason only, 2 LED will lit up when you start to spool the reel. Sort of a 'Blink Blink' reel.

Roller bushing been change to bearing.

Use it only one at Sister island outing. Been in cold storage since.

Shimano Alivio 2500

Nimo help me to purchase this reel and also did a bushing-bearing upgrade as well. Think he change the roller and handle bushing to bearing.

This reel is used exclusively for noodle rod, as I spool it with a mixture of 6, 5 and 4 lbs superlines. Furthermore just recently change the drag material to greased cork, thus making it more suited for UL Noodle rod usage.

Status - Always in 'Active' service.

Update - Drag Material have been changed to Teflon, new drag should last a long long time.

Daiwa SS700 (Japan)

This reel is a classic, even till today, anglers have been singing praises of this reel. There are 2 different country it is produce, Japan and Thailand. Both are sought after, but the Japan model are higher prized as it is no longer produce in Japan.

Purchase this a while back, but no idea why I bought it then as I dun need it. Recently did a bushing to bearing upgrade on the worn gear and use it for luring.

Back in 'Active' service after a long period.

Ofmer Axis 6

Bought this reel as I do not have any small reel after my Globe500 is damaged beyond repair.

Small light-weight and a pretty decent drag. Use this reel when jigging for bait fish, and for UL fun luring and half beak hunting with Noodle rod.

Since the day it is purchase, it always have been in 'Active' service.

Upgraded the roller bushing to 2 piece of flanged bearing.
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