31 March 2010

Ed's Pro Pond - Major Changes

This is one blog entry without any pics, errr..... reason? Cause the previous 2 visit to this pond is in the night, firstly usually night pics usually turn out to be lousy on my phone cam and also, lazy to take pics lah.

It have been a while since I visited this pond, simply because I dun really do pond fishing. However, one fishing kaki needed a fix to cure his itch at night and I suggested this pond cause it does offer 'overnight' fishing. So off we go to the pond on 2 different occasion, result differ but bite rate reasonable. As I am not keen to fish at the pond, I simply just tag along to look look see see.

Also I do know that there is a change of ownership (or management as some call it) and changes to the pond layout. Rates still remains the same and only Live baits are allowed (Live Prawns and Milk Fish) which are sold at the pond and prawn meat.

1st trip - We reached the pond at close to 9pm, friend paid for the rod and we started off. We are expecting to finish off at about 2am as the rates are $50 for 5 hrs. Shortly after we started, one staff came over to us and inform us that there will be no release of fishes already, however, they are offering us to fish till 6am (their overnight fishing package of $50 from 10pm till 6am). Okay fine, no complains as we dun expect any fish release as it have pass their fish release timing.  Bite rate is okay considering there is no release of fishes, finish at 3am with 5 fishes on one rod. Not too bad indeed, all 5 are snappers around the 1kg region.

2nd trip - This time we reach at about 10pm and have full intention to fished till 6am, since with such long fishing hours, so it is again just one rod. Manage to chat with another angler who is there earlier, told us bite rate is bad and he have no bites for more then an hour already, he also mentioned that the pond got blast left right center in FK for it's poor bite rate. Anyway since already there so we started, really really slow, however I did notice something, it seems that one this occasion, it is not that the fishes are not biting but are very alert and frisky. They will grab the bait, feel something is not right and spat out the bait in less then 1 sec flat. Happens to notice this as I am holding the line in my hands with open bail arm. I think the pond management notice the terrible catch rate and they decided to release 2 batches of fishes at different timing although it is well past their published released timing. Kudos to them! Trying hard to keep customers happy.  For the entire period we have good bite rate but terrible catch rate, lack of skill? Could be. But anyway, during this period I learnt more about the spots for better catch rate.

This is not secret spot anyway, there are 2 big concrete blocks in the pond, one in the middle of the pond and one at the side. Cast as close as you can to the middle concrete block, closer to the net when you are trying to get snappers. If you want to target GP, which they do stock up reasonably big sized one at the pond, cast bait appox 1 to 1 1/2 ft from the middle concrete block further away from the nets. Saw a chap catching at least 4 to 5 GP from that spot and they are larger then a dinner plate. However, do use a lighter action rod for the GP as  you need to strike when they snatch the bait, too stiff, you can hardly feel it. On both occasion, we attached a luminous bead at the hook for rigs to target snappers, not sure if it improve bite rate but I feel that we do have a bite rate then others, you might like to try if fishing at night,

Final words - I still feel this pond provide a good value for money, $50 for 5hrs or for overnight fishing. For newbies or those who never fish before 5hrs to get a feel of the pond and do some decent fishing seems reasonable, 3hrs seems way too short a period for me. Due to it's size, the density of fishes there is likely to be higher then other ponds, but also because of it's size, when it get too crowded, it might be a pain in the arse to fish there too. Also it seems that the pond is not a deep as it is before, plus with a healthy amount of seaweeds inside, could be annoying to some. Oh yeah, though generally both trip are enjoyable but one of the staff kind of piss me off with his choice of words. 1st incident - Friend wanted to try for GP, so he get those off the shelf rig with 2 small hooks, staff notice and quite rudely told us only single hook allowed. 2nd incident - On our previous trip, we didn't notice that it is 6am already, the same staff also told us to pack up in a rude manner, heck, a little politeness will not kill you. Hope his attitude improves.

Disclaimer - Nope, I am not part of the pond management team or are paid to write about this pond. Simply just to share my experience at this pond.
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