09 June 2012

AJN Stealth Carbon 5ft6

Rod Specs, this is a used rod thus all the marks and scuff marks
Finally lay my hand on this rod, but this is not my rod, it is a rod I borrowed on one fishing trip. This model sold out so fast that before I even have the chance to say 'I wanna buy', every single piece is sold already.

First off, the specs
Mfg - AJN
Model - SCS561UL
Length - 5ft6; Single piece
Guide - SIC, not Fuji though
Line rating - 8 to 16lbs

From what I have understand this rod uses a one-piece solid carbon blank, attached to a graphite butt which house the reel seat. This is constructed this way instead having the blank all the way down to the reel seat is to prevent flex at the reel seat.

So how does this rod perform? I can't really tell since I didn't have the chance to use this rod to catch anything else other then tamban. However when I did a rod loading test at home the rod perform very nicely, the rod flex nicely at the front and the rear section feel like it have a reasonable amount of backbone.

Personally I think this rod should should perform well in these application, pay pond fishing and off-shore micro jigging. A thin rod tip to impart lures / jigs action and a fair amount of backbone to fight a decent sized fish.

And for the price it is retailed, I would say that this is really good value for money. I do like the rod action and overall feel and it comes with SIC guides, a minor complaint I have is the top guide, I would prefer it to have bigger diameter ring. I would pair this with a Shimano 1000 or C2000 sized reel, think it would achieve a nice balance.

Bad news if that there is zero stock at the moment, no idea when the new stock would arrived. On the plus side, AJN will be launching their Jigging Jack and Jigging Jazel, it will be having 2 different handle for jigging and luring. If the blank is based on the similar blank design as this rod, it should do well for light jigging applications.

Disclaimer - No payment is received for this write up. Rod is not writer's rod, it is a borrowed rod


Alex said...

bro, can you contact me? would love to chat with you regarding some stuff.. e-mail me at admin [at] gofishing.sg ! thanks!

Daryl Q said...

Email Sent

Joker said...

Where can I purchase the Jigging Jazel?

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