09 March 2012

Tackle Shopping @ Beach Road, my intro to light jigging?

It have been a long long time since I do shopping for fishing stuff at Beach Road, when a non-fisho friend called to meet me there for lunch, well I agreed mainly because I can do some shopping.

Basically I have an idea what I needed, so shopping is pretty fast and easy for me. First stop is Lure Haven to pick up some Sasame swivel, as I have no idea which other tackle shop stocks them. I couldn't resist to pick up an Ima GUN 7g jig as well, heard so much good review about it but I dun really do jigging. My guess it is more of a case of just buy and keep the Ima GUN till someday to try it out.

While waiting for my friend, pop by one of the tackle shop and spoke to Alan Chan. I am looking for gold colored prawn hooks, as the thin wire gauge would be great to hook gargo bait, alas the shop have only black colored ones. Since have time, spend some time to find out more about light / micro jigging from Alan, as I don't do boat fishing, I am keen to try shoreline jigging only. Found out that is possible, but need concentration and risk losing jigs, well at least it is possible. It invoke interest in me to try out some day soon, since more or less I think I have the tackles needed, just need to buy some jigs to try out on one of those southern islands trips.

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