13 February 2010

Kyoto Haven Pond - Pasir Ris FW3

After a long hard day of doing housework in preparation for CNY, a call from friend to pay a visit to Kyoto pond is too much of a temptation. I just need to get out of the house to get a break, and also I would like to visit the pond as it have been in operation for a while already but yet didn't see much catch reports on this pond. Anyway armed with just some coffee and some drinks, this trip will serve as a recce trip for me while my friend will be fishing.

We reach there just after 10pm, immediately am told that they will close at 2am today thus with their current promotion of 3hrs+1hrs free, we will lose out about 15mins of fishing. No issue at all, so let's start fishing. In less then 20 minutes, 1st hook up, a KBL but friend loss it when the KBL is doing it's 'Michael Jordan' routine, after that it is pretty quiet for my friend till about 1 am where he have about 3 hooks up but lost all of it. Staffs are friendly chaps which I manage to strike a decent conversation with a couple of them, which they tell me a lot more about the ponds and other stuff. Some interesting facts is that there are 12 species in the pond, 2 types of KBL (Barra and Local KBL, err.... dun ask me what are local KBL, I have no idea what they are), small qty of Taiwan Ngor, 3 types of groupers (sorry too tired to remember what they are), GT (Golden Trevally), GT again (this time round is Giant Trevally), GP (golden promfet), and 3 species of snappers. Plus 2 Giant groupers which have grown to an estimated 20kg odd already.

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