22 November 2008

Good Fishing at last

2 weeks of barren fishing, been doing a bit of SW luring and this weekend I am back to FW luring.

Yesterday had a short session here, and back again this early morning. When I reach the place, I am deeply disappointed to see the water condition got worse overnight, a think layer of algae covers the entire area. But since I am already here, and have to wait for Aric and gang, so cast away. Early morning is slow, have just 2 fish landed, one small toman and one small PB. Action hot up after 10am, PB are everywhere, whacking lures and live baits left right center. I easily have 7 to 8 hits, but landed 4 to 5 only.

Strangely the most effective lure is a cheap spoon with self tied tinsel and feather, which KIA when I lend it to Aric to try, he get 2 hits in less then 15 min! A welcome break for him as his chug-bug invite only misses from the fishes. Also have reasonably good result with the self paint Fire Tiger minnow, I have been abusing this lure and the paint work start to drop off already, when it get real bad, gonna do the paint work again.

Some pics of the small PB landed, and a bonus pic of a monitor lizard which appear when we are about to leave the place.

Tackle - Shimano Convergence IM6 with Daiwa SS700, 15lbs cheapo braided

08 November 2008

Operation GuiLin Lake update 08 Nov 08

Today myself, Nenasi and Michael are luring at Spot-X, spotted a few school of toman baby swimming pass. We managed to get about 12 baby and put in a keep net. Sadly putting them in the keep net is not a good idea as a lot died. Thus in the end we only manage to release 5 toman baby into GuiLin Lake.

06 November 2008

New Spot try out

Yesterday when we recce out this place plus some luring, as I am expecting a lake instead of a stream, my lures are 90mm and above. Thus cannot gauge if the spot is productive. Today we are back after a hearty lunch to try out the same spot again. Only difference is that I bring my Light luring set and small lures.

1st PB caught is on a Daiso crankbait (Lumo Yellow), when I had the hook-up, the PB didn't make any jumps and is always in the stream bed, and my line is beening stripped on a steady speed. I thought I had a small adult toman, but when i bring up the PB, it have it's body half bitten off, really suspect it is whack by a toman. Didn't take any pics as it is damn gross and blood dripping from the severe body.

After this hook up, it died down, nothing at all. As it is a hot sunny day, I expected the fishes to feel lethargic, so I deploy a slow crank, twitch pause method. Nothing at all, so try a fast crank, twitch and pause, also nothing attack the lure. I almost use all my smaller lures hoping to get at least something, then finally try out the Crystal minnow which is slightly bigger then those I have use so far. Felt lazy already by then due to lack of action, I simply cast and do a fast retrieve. Finally, notice 2 PB chasing my lure till the bank, ah so fast retrieve works, for the last 45 min fishing, doing fast retrieve all the way. Manage to land 2 decent sized PB while a couple more chasing my lures and missing it. This place look good all of a sudden.

Shimano Convergence IM6 6'6"
Ofmer Axis 6
4lb Fireline with 12lb leader
Lures - L- Minnow 66 (Purple back) and Yozuri Crystal Minnow 70.S (Green Gold)

05 November 2008

New Fishing Spot Recce

Have some free time today, so went to recce a new spot that friend pointed out. Should call it Spot X-West to keep the place as it is.

In fact I am expecting to see a lake, instead it is a just stream. It is not wide and pretty swallow at the side, sort of disappointed with the place. However upon exploring the place further, the grass patch at both bank are accessible, which could mean haruan and soon hock hiding place galore. But today I bring only big lures, so can't try for them along the bank.

Didn't hit anything until toman school came, manage to hit 3 before they left my casting area. Next trip, will bring light tackles and rubber to try along the banks.

Update - Oct 09
This location is officially a 'No Fishing' location, PUB have put up a sign to indicate that.

02 November 2008

Operation - GuiLin Lake

GuiLin park is close to my place and is a nice and scenic place for families to spend time together in the nature that is just a stone throw away from residential area. Also with the close proximity of Bt Gombak MRT station, it is very accessible to most people.

However as a fishing place, this place is really bad. Overfishing in the past have resulted in the population of the fishes to reduce drastically, as a lot of these anglers will bring the fishes caught back home to rear in their tanks or end up on the dining table. While the population of fishes are slowly recovering, I have see schools of baby PB and tomans, my fear is that the recovering period could take a while as there is a few regular anglers that who will bring home anything they can catch.

Thus, after a few round of discussion with my fishing buddy, Nenasi, we have decided to try increase the fish stock in the lake, so that in future we are able to enjoy fishing there and also other anglers to fish in a legal place. I hope to do this so that if anglers can have a nice legal place to fish, the anglers fishing in illegal spots will reduce too.

Our plan is to simply fish in canals or lakes that are totally legal, and bring the fishes to GuiLin lake to be released. We plan to introduce PB and Toman which are already native species in the lake. Question will arise if we are doing things legally by getting fishes in canals and lakes? Well, the few places we frequent are currently also visited by foreign workers doing net casting for fishes as food. Thus it is either a new home for the fishes or end up on the dining tables.

Back on track on the operation, today we mark our first release of fishes into the lake. A total of 7 baby Toman are released today, all between 8 to 10 inches. At these size, they are less likely to be food for the PBs and is given a fair chance to grow in the lake. We caught these baby toman from a couple of schools that swim very near to the shore in the late morning, we could have catch a few more but decided to leave after we have a significant number as we are afraid they cannot survive long in a pail.

Will continue to update on this operation of ours.
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