21 December 2008

Lousy day at CCK Canal

Have not visited this location for close to 2 months, the previous trip we started just at day break, explosive takes on surface lures but none get hooked up. Today we are hope to get the explosive takes again, thus start off early as well. Didn't know what had happen, but it is a damn lousy day this time round, maybe the foreign workers been catching way too much fishes already.

End of trip, I only have 2 palm sized PB, both are taken on this dress up Storm jig head. There are 4 jig heads are given to me by Nenasi, which I return 2 to him after I have dress them up.

The jig head shown are stained with PB blood. Taken right after I have remove it from the PB.

Genesis Assasini 7ft3
Daiwa SS700
15lb Cheapo Braided with 25lb leader
Lures - Dress Up Storm Jig Head

06 December 2008

FW Fishing @ Spot X and AMK

Recently been to these 2 spot for fast relieve of fishing itch. Been using my light tackle setup as I am not aiming for anything big. Though I did hit a reasonably large PB using a Daiso crankbait at Spot-X, and during my short trip at AMK, the PB are whacking the Daiso popper with dress up treble non-stop .

During last week trip, Nesasi got a Toman Mama on Yozuri Altima 14g spoon in less then 10 cast. Lucky chap, me still waiting to hit a mama, will try tomorrow using BIG Lures!

Enjoy the pics (Trying out thumbnail this time round, except for the Toman Mama)

PB @ Spot XPB @ AMKPB @ AMKPB @ AMKPB @ Spot XPB @ Spot XPB @ Spot XPB @ Spot XPB @ AMK
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