28 September 2008

St John Island Trip

It have been a long time since I have fished at St John island, almost 8 months, due to the current flow does not suit us for our weekend trips. However today, the current flow suit us very well and after today, it is the month long Kusu island Pilgrimage, there will be no direct ferry service to St John for a month. Thus myself, DesT, Rookie, and a couple, Danny & Evon, decided to go Todak hunting.

In recent times, I didn't want to make trips up to Sibu kelong as it is pretty tiring and most of the bigger catches we have is Todak. And since St John island could yield a good haul of todak, albeit smaller, and is much less tiring and less hassle, I decided to put aside kelong trips for now for curing the itch of catching todak on light tackle by making a day trip to St John island.

For over a year now, I have been using a Silstar TEAL 10ft UL rod for todak catching. After much usage and abuse, the age of the rod shows, furthermore I like to use noodle rod a lot, I decided to buy over a GLoomis NR1382 from Edmund, a fellow fisho, and this trip is the rod maiden trip. Rdmund himself custom build the rod, with a slight difference to the factory built rod which is now discontinued.

The trip haul is not impressive neither is the size of the todak, however I did manage to land a 100.5cm whooper, not too far off my personal record of 102cm in SG waters. My personal all time record is a 108.5cm at Sibu Kelong.

As usual, we all have a great time and before long we are all on board the ferry back to mainland. Everyone is visibly tired, but happy.

Will be back very soon to have fun with the Noodle rod, this is one rod I am sure I have no regrets buying it will serve me for a long long time, I hope.

GLoomis NR1382
Modified Alivio 2500
4, 5, 6 lbs braided line, joined, with 12lbs leader.
Running float rig.

27 September 2008

GLoomis NR1382S - Noodle Rod

I have been using the Silstar Teal 10' as my UL fishing gear. Since I like fishing with Noodle rod, I have already decided to this GLoomis rod for a while. GLoomis no longer manufacture the factory rod anymore and to custom build one will cost in excess of $350.

A fellow fisho built this for DesT, but have to keep it for himself as DesT perferred a thinker Eva grip. He posted in the forum for sale and I took it at $250.

An expensive rod for UL tackle, but use it once on St John island to play with the meter long todak, one can really feel the difference in the rod. In my view, well worth the money if you like UL tackle.

11'6" 2pc.
Line: IGFA 4 

22 September 2008

IMA Komomo SF-130 Slim

Dave, Lure Haven, have been very kind to give me tips and share his knowledge of luring in the FK forum with me. He invited me to visit him at the shop, not necessary to buy stuff, but more to get to know one another more.

I always have been interested to buy this IMA Komomo Slim 130 for a long time as luring kakis been signing praises about it. Finally get one to try out for myself.

During it's maiden trip, I use this to foul-hook an est 8kg Song Fish. Sadly lost it when it start struggling when it is near the shore.

To date, this is the most expensive lure I have purchase, in spite of the recent adjustment of IMA lure prices and the discount Dave gave me.

17 September 2008

Self Tied Flies and Jigheads

I first started out tying flies when I see the success rate catching PB on them. But I am not using a Fly rod, so I do the spin fly method instead. Later to eliminate the need of a sinker and leader, and also to ease the change of lures, I switch to dress up jig heads.

Hook up rate is high as with these, I dare to toss into those areas where I dare not toss into with lures.

While I am doing up these flies and jigheads, I gave the spinner bait I got from Daiso a make over. As the treble hook in the original design cannot be changed, I need to re-do the entire rig. Beads are added, treble changed to a dress up treble with split ring and the spoon is polished before assembly.

Now this look good and hook sharp enough, may it catch many fishes for me.

15 September 2008

More Lures Purchase

I didn't have any big sized poppers and surface lures, thus when these lures were posted for sale on the forum, I pick up these four lures. All are brand new and are of good value, at least 30% off the retail price.

Modified Lures

During my luring trips I found 2 lures what is lost by anglers. I need to re-paint the minnow as the paint work is very bad already, and the popper although it have lost it color a little, but still okay. So decided to give it some silver strips at the side just for the look.

The Daiso popper is added with a Fly trailer, in principle the popper makes the sound to attract the fishes attention and the fly hopefully will induce them to whack it. But yet to have any success on this.

11 September 2008

Surecatch Lures - on Promotion

Am at Ubi area so pop by Siow Chiang to buy a lure retriever and to top up some accessories.

Saw a sign for Hard Lures promo, buy 2 get 1 free. So pick up these 3 lures.

07 September 2008

13 Pounder Giant Gourami

07 Sep 2008

Today me and my FW fishing 'Guide', Nenasi, decided to do Little GuiLin. He have much more experience then my in FW fishing, luring, and the place itself. And the 'fee' he charges? One packet of Kopi-Susu.

Basically my aim today is to try doing spin fly on noodle rod, so brought along a 8ft Eupro rod paired with a Pioneer reel. Also bring along some 'special bait'..... aka Roti. Target fish on bait? Tilapia.

Day start very slowly, I started by tying the rigs, etc, etc. and cast into the reasonably clear water. With a float, 8lb hook line, and 2 small hooks with bread. Left it at one corner while I do my spin-fly casting.

Later there's more and more anglers appear, I stupidly forgot that my rod is at one corner and continue to do spin-fly casting till much later, then I realised that my slack line is getting into other anglers. So quickly walk over, reel back, re-bait and cast at a quiet space. Friendly group of anglers we have, smiles and 'Hi' when we are together. no dirty looks or whatsoever.

Me rest for a while and continue to spin-fly. Then I saw an aro to my left, should be an aro as it's body is very shiny. Me happily walk over and cast out. Then saw a pink "Kah Lui", Giant Gourami, surfaced. sibei happy, wonder if they take fly. Cast out and slowly reel back. Wah lau, it is super conditioned, one look at the fly, turn it's head and swim away downwards.

later, one angler call out to us. fishes spotted, as he is baiting and we are doing luring, he pointed out to us where he spotted them. Look like a pair of Kui Lui. then next moment, you see artillery bombardment, 2 lures and one fly casted into the area. After 2 cast, we must have spooked them and they dive out of sight.

while making the short walk back to our area, Nenasi told me they usually take bread. And I told him, "Hey! My baits are bread leh" and we are joking about Gardinia Bread, Sunshine bread, wholemeal bread, white bread, softmeal bread..... then it happens, the pair of Kah Lui surface and start to swim slowly towards my float. Me just stand there and watch, chanting 'Take my bait, take my bait". While Nenasi, being more experience, walk towards my rod and watch. Suddenly he just reached for the rod and strike!!!! Fish On!!! Look like a double hookup!!! but one is lost within seconds, luckily still have the other one. He fought for a while and pass the rod to me, macham Fish Guide leh...... hahaha

Fight is SHIOK!!! Never expect freshwater fish to fight so hard.....

Fish is Boga at a little over 13lbs!!!! I cannot believe it... my first Kah Lui and such a huge one!!! As the fight is pretty long, I decided not to post with it for pic, but to quickly snap a few shots and return it back to the water to fight another day.

The 8lb line is badly frayed by it's teeth, after the fish is released, we inspect the line. A light snap and line broke already, we never knew that we are that close to losing the fish.

Eupro Hammer 8ft
Pioneer PR4000 but with a SW3000 spool
20lbs Surecatch Braided with 30lbs Leader
Float Rig with 8lbs hook line

05 September 2008

Daiso Lures

Daiso from time to time will bring in some light lures, which is generally pretty good and very affordable. From my understanding, there are 3 color range, Natural, Bright Colors and Pink.

These are my purchases from a while back when I started luring and buy these as I believe I will lose a fair bit of lures.
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