21 June 2012

AJN 5ft6 Solid Carbon - Improved version

All Japan Network (AJN) have just released a new batch of their extremely popular 5ft6 Stealth Solid carbon rod.

Just weeks after I have just lay my hand on their first batch of rods, they now released a new batch..... I think I am damn slow on the previous review.

I didn't have the physical rod with me, my observations are based on the information released by AJN and the pictures of the new batch of rods. 

The blanks used are the same design as the previous batch, but with some minor but important changes to the accessories used. Boy do they take the feedback receive seriously.

First up, my major complaint the top guide. Now it have been changed to a different style, not too sure if the ring diameter have been increased, I sure hope it has.

Next is the stripper guide, for layman like me, that's the guide closest to the butt. It is now have a bigger diameter. Personally I do not have any issue with the previous size, but maybe if matched with a bigger reel, the casting distance could be compromised if the stripper guide have a smaller diameter.

Last change is purely a cosmetic or if you like a vanity change, the butt cap have the company's name printed on it instead of being just a plain design.

Stock is already available and is selling at SGD65.

Disclaimer - No Payment is received for this write up.
Photos are property of All Japan Network


matt said...

Hi bro,do they have the BC version and are they good for luring? Thanks..Matt

Daryl Q said...

Nay, only the spinning version is available.

The rod are designed as pond rod, however they can be used for luring. It is just that personally I would prefer a longer length for luring.

Currently there is a Promo from one of AJN agent for this rod, Free Delivery in SG (While Stock last). SMS 84448882 for stock status.

Angelica said...
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