11 July 2010

Shimano Slade 1000FB

Shimano Slade 1000FBGot this reel at the Shimano Fun Fishing Day 2010, I think this my prize for the Fishing Game.  I always wanted to get a 1000 sized reel, so this comes at a good time, but with the AX 1000FB I got at the same event, all of a sudden I have two 1000 sized reel.

No idea what to do with this reel, although it is well built with Aluminum body, but the specs is pretty pathetic, 1 x bearing and 1 x Roller bearing. After thinking for a while, I decided to use this reel 'as it is', which in my term totally unmodified, with all the with lithium grease inside the body. See how good does this 'Entry Level' reel last, how much abuse it can take as I intend to use it for almost everything, from very light bottom fishing to maybe luring.

Shimano AX 1000FB

PhotobucketGot this reel at the Shimano Fun Fishing Day 2010, I think this my Lucky Draw prize.  Thinking of selling it away, but notice that the spool use the AR-C design, which suppose to cast better.  So decided against selling it and upgrade it with a few bearings, think I will use it for light luring.

With it's graphite body, it could be light to pair with a noodle rod for some half beak fun. Most likely, I will spool it with some 4lb or 5lb braided lines, as most Shimano reels at 1000 size are rated at about 2kg drag.
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