06 April 2011

St John Island - Another Queenie miss

A St John island todak hunting trip is planned as we didn't fish there for a while already, all in all there is 6 of us making the trip for todak hunting.  Initially I thought that there is just 3 or 4 of us, on the morning of the trip itself, I learn that there are 6 anglers, fearing that there is a very strong chance of have lines tangled up, i quickly packed an extra rod and reel for some light bottom fishing.

After a mad mad dash to the Marina South Ferry terminal, we make it on the first ferry to the St John island, look like we are in for a good time cause one of us bought small tambans, anchovies and gargo (those some tiny shrimps).  I am particular please about the gargo as during the trip to Sister island, I see how effective it is when you are targetting some fishes.  What pleased me even more is that one of them told me that what I see that are caught on Sister islands are also available on St John, similar area and environment. Thus the list of lightly species are, most likely Ms. Wong, Yellow tails are available, sometimes a 'Lai Mun' (those bigger stripped rabbit fish) and once a blue moon a 'Hai Ciong' (direct translation from Hokkien is Sea Pomfret). So while on the ferry, I make my plan, from the moment I reached till tide change, I will be doing light bottom for those assorted fishes, as the current will be flowing at the 'wrong' direction for good todak hunting.

Once we arrived at St John Island, my heart sank, alas there are already a few people fishing at the spot where I knew that is good for light bottom fun, have to look for a new spot. Set up my light bottom gear and started trying at a few spot, before long, I gave up fishing along the 'causeway' because the blazing hot sun plus I didn't have much sleep the night before, I feel damn tired.  However, I did managed to find a semi-shaded place to spend an hour or so and hooked up a lot of Ms.Wong and a few yellow tails, though catch rate is not fantastic, I could now identify how the yellow-tail attack the bait, will modify my fishing method in future.

When it is close to noon, that goes my shade as well, so make my way back to the 'causeway' and setup my noodle setup, not keen to go for todak as the strike rate isn't good and still feeling lazy, decided to try and target for Queenie instead. Many many moons ago, I hook up a nice sized Queenie and fought for more then 1/2 hrs on my noodle rod setup before I lost it, so hope I can hook one again. Soon, I am told that a Queenie is spot by the other anglers earlier, so I am hopeful I can get one. I check out my bait often, a small dead tamban, which I set it just 5 meters out. Finally, I spotted it! rather it's tail, it check out my bait but refused to take it, instead show me it's arse and swim off. Damn!!!

Immediately, I realized the fact I need a live bait to get that teasing bugger. Luckily, someone is using my bottom setup for halfbeaks, so I sort of hijack the setup and get myself a nice halfbeak. Hookup and the waiting game begins again. Another who witness my earlier near miss also got himself a halfbeak and also playing the same waiting game.  Finally a Huge take, rod bending and reel screaming, but alas not mine but the Queenie decided that my halfbeak doesn't look tasty enough and decided to take the other. But a short fight later, the angler lost the Queenie.

When the current changes direction, it's back to todak hunting again.  I have a couple of takes but didn't landed any, it is not turning out to be my day at all. Feeling tired and seeing twice anglers having their lines tangled by, I decided to take it easy for the rest of the day, which of course didn't yield anything.

A bad day of fishing for me, but a good day overall as fishing for me isn't just about getting fishes, it always have been the company and it have been good today. Yeah, still yet to get that elusive queenie today, but one day, just one day I will be back and get you.

GLoomis NR1382
Modified Alivio 2500
4, 5, 6 lbs braided line, joined, with 8lbs leader.
Running float rig.
Genesis Assasini 7'2
Unmodified Shimano Slade 1000
Unknown strength braided line, with 8lbs leader.
Running float rig.
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