07 August 2012

Shimano C3000 spool on 2500 Body

Similiar - Except the color
After a month's wait, my Alivio C3000 spool have arrived and collected. This spool is to be fitted on my recently acquired Aernos FA2500 body. Although the Aernos comes with a spare spool already, I prefer to use a C3000 spool for my noodle rod application giving me a tad more line capacity should I needed it.

As the Aernos FA does not comes in C3000 size, thus I need to order the C3000 spool from another reel model, I choose the Alivio as it is the cheapest available I think. So how does it fits? In terms of functionality it fits like a glove, of course the color does not match. As long as it serve it's function, look doesn't really bother me.

Fits Perfectly
So here it is, the reel I will be using for my noodle rod application.
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