06 February 2011

Half Beaks Hunting

It has been a while since I last fish for half beaks, almost a full year ago. As they comes near to our mainland shoreline in huge numbers for a short 3 months period or so, it is usually a case of catching them when they are around. Myself and DesT decided to hunt them before they are gone from our shore line.
Half BeakArrangement are made the day before the trip, my hands are itching for some action as we noticed that the half beaks are still around just a couple of days ago.  However, this trip almost didn't happen as while we are having breakfast on the day of this trip, we notice the weather isn't too good, slight overcast with a chance of raining.  With a heavy heart, we gave up the thought of going fishing and started to have a chat and have more kopi and teh.  I think mother nature took pity on us, as the sun came out blazing in the late morning, with hunting season coming to a close and with itchy hands, common sense are thrown out of the window and we decided to go half beak hunting.
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