11 January 2009

Telfon Drag Washer

2 of my reels in recent time needed a change of drag washer, Ofmer Axis 6 (drag material worn out, becomes jerky) and Pioneer SF4000 (fabric material hardens), thus asked Nenasi to punch out the Telfon washer size I needed. The reason why I choose Telfon instead of carbon fibre is because both these reel does not need heavy drag for my intended use for them. These are virgin Teflon, and should last a long long time, and it's smooth properties shouldn't change.

New & Old Drag

Having tried out the smoothness with other reels at Nenasi's place, I am pretty impressed by the smoothness and thus giving a go on these 2 reels. Since it is the smoothness I am going for, the drag loss isn't an issue to me, also am attracted by the long life span and lack of need grease these drag washers. Should I need that extra drag power, i can always palm the spoon.

Ofmer Axis 6 Drag ChangeWill update after I have used these drag material for a prolong period time. Should be pretty fast since the Ofmer is use frequently for my luring trips.

Here's a link to my post on how to change Drag washer on spinning reels. Click Here

10 January 2009

New Lure Addition

Ari help me to purchase a Chug Bug from Sincere Tackle at just $7, kind of him to dig real hard to find this Green Color one for me. When he called me when he is there, he couldn't see any green one on display, so I asked him to get me the silver one. But his can really dig out a green one in the shop.

Meanwhile, I got a sample shipment from a China lure maker, which includes a few pieces of 21g spoon and spinner blades. The spoon profile look exactly like the US brand 'Kastmaster' and 'Mr. Champs', and I am very happy with the swim action when I try it out.

As for the spinner blades, they didn't ship with the Spin Clevises, so have to improvise but not too good effect. Thinking of some other ways to get them to spin right.

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