02 November 2009

Fly Tying Bobbin - DIY Style

This version comes nothing close to those you buy from tackle shops, it fact it does not even look the same. It is because I come across Shout Bobbin knoter that inspire this simple and cheap design, totally different from those you get from fly tackles manufacturers.

In fact I am not keen to invest on a proper one is because I don't really need to tie beautiful flies, I make those easy to make flies for spin cast only. Because of the cheap cost of those DIY flies, I can afford to cast them to those high risk area, and the loss are pretty high. Furthermore, the last time I enquire, a Taiwan made reasonable good bobbin cost in excess of SGD30, too expensive for me to buy and experiment, I have better use for the money.

The items I used are whatever I have in my house, spend just some time to think thru the design and quickly assemble them, spend less then half an hour to make this, and a while later for the 5 minute epoxy to dry. Cost me close to nothing, if you are missing an item, just search around your house for something similar and use a bit of imagination.

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