23 September 2011

Rabbit Rabbit Everywhere - But Caught None

Today I embark my continued education on fishing, this time round I am back to Labrador park again to see if other then 5+M pole rods, if the traditional rod and reel can be used.  Reason for trying this theory is very simple, I do not have a 5M carbon pole rod, and it is can be a very expensive piece of equipment to own if you go for a lightweight ones, can't really understand why they cost some much give the lack of technology into it other then blanks.

My last few trip have been terrible in my quest to catch rabbit fishes here, I have zero problem catching them on kelongs, it is so damn easy on kelongs that all along I have been thinking 'How hard can it be?'. And boy oh boy, it is damn hard. (Pics are Rabbits from Kelong not from Labrador park)

First and foremost, rabbits on kelongs feeds on rice, veggie, bread, etc, and given the high vantage it is easy to spot that the baits have been taken and strike! However this is totally different from fishing for them at Labrador park, first of all, they are damn bloody picky about the baits, they are not interested in anything except for 2 items, balacan mixed with floor and the infamous algae. And even at a higher ground, it is tough to see your baits being taken, so the time to set the hook for me is more in hope rather than anticipation.

Before I go on, I will appreciate any tips from other anglers to catch this so far elusive fish for me from shoreline fishing.

05 September 2011

Reward finally! Sort of have a long dry spell (Labrador Park & St John)

St John 30 Aug 11
Recently, I have sort of fishing curse set upon me. I seems to be having terrible luck whenever I goes fishing, not having any bites and worse of all, busted lines when I least expect it to happen.

Well please allow me to forget about my fishing trips for the last couple of months, it is really really bad, so bad that I wanted to take a long long break away from fishing. However, as the fishing itch comes, damn you just forget about those horrible past trips and hope that you will get some decent hook up at your next trip.

For the past week, I made 3 fishing trip, one familiar place for me, St John island, and twice at an long time fisho haunt, Labrador park.

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