22 November 2008

Good Fishing at last

2 weeks of barren fishing, been doing a bit of SW luring and this weekend I am back to FW luring.

Yesterday had a short session here, and back again this early morning. When I reach the place, I am deeply disappointed to see the water condition got worse overnight, a think layer of algae covers the entire area. But since I am already here, and have to wait for Aric and gang, so cast away. Early morning is slow, have just 2 fish landed, one small toman and one small PB. Action hot up after 10am, PB are everywhere, whacking lures and live baits left right center. I easily have 7 to 8 hits, but landed 4 to 5 only.

Strangely the most effective lure is a cheap spoon with self tied tinsel and feather, which KIA when I lend it to Aric to try, he get 2 hits in less then 15 min! A welcome break for him as his chug-bug invite only misses from the fishes. Also have reasonably good result with the self paint Fire Tiger minnow, I have been abusing this lure and the paint work start to drop off already, when it get real bad, gonna do the paint work again.

Some pics of the small PB landed, and a bonus pic of a monitor lizard which appear when we are about to leave the place.

Tackle - Shimano Convergence IM6 with Daiwa SS700, 15lbs cheapo braided


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