02 November 2008

Operation - GuiLin Lake

GuiLin park is close to my place and is a nice and scenic place for families to spend time together in the nature that is just a stone throw away from residential area. Also with the close proximity of Bt Gombak MRT station, it is very accessible to most people.

However as a fishing place, this place is really bad. Overfishing in the past have resulted in the population of the fishes to reduce drastically, as a lot of these anglers will bring the fishes caught back home to rear in their tanks or end up on the dining table. While the population of fishes are slowly recovering, I have see schools of baby PB and tomans, my fear is that the recovering period could take a while as there is a few regular anglers that who will bring home anything they can catch.

Thus, after a few round of discussion with my fishing buddy, Nenasi, we have decided to try increase the fish stock in the lake, so that in future we are able to enjoy fishing there and also other anglers to fish in a legal place. I hope to do this so that if anglers can have a nice legal place to fish, the anglers fishing in illegal spots will reduce too.

Our plan is to simply fish in canals or lakes that are totally legal, and bring the fishes to GuiLin lake to be released. We plan to introduce PB and Toman which are already native species in the lake. Question will arise if we are doing things legally by getting fishes in canals and lakes? Well, the few places we frequent are currently also visited by foreign workers doing net casting for fishes as food. Thus it is either a new home for the fishes or end up on the dining tables.

Back on track on the operation, today we mark our first release of fishes into the lake. A total of 7 baby Toman are released today, all between 8 to 10 inches. At these size, they are less likely to be food for the PBs and is given a fair chance to grow in the lake. We caught these baby toman from a couple of schools that swim very near to the shore in the late morning, we could have catch a few more but decided to leave after we have a significant number as we are afraid they cannot survive long in a pail.

Will continue to update on this operation of ours.


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