15 October 2009

Virgin experience - Newbie 1st try at FW Prawning

Prawn CatchFor all the fishing I have tried before, fishing for prawn is something I have never ever try before.  Although I have learn from other anglers about the art of prawn fishing, I have never ever tried it until today.  Alas, no longer a prawning virgin already.

PhotobucketIn fact, it is something I didn't setup to do, it just happen. I am at the Taman Jurong Pond to pass time with a friend, then met some other fisho friends as well, who are into prawning. As usual, started talking about fishing stuff and inadvertently about prawning, one of them is a prawning fanatic at this pond and share with me some tips and show me a few tricks as well. Since he intend to do some prawn fishing, I shamelessly asked to tag along to learn more about the feeding pattern, when to set hook, where to hunt etc.  And yes I do learn a lot and managed to catch some prawns when I tried using his setup with guidance.  I am very very impressed with his catch, he is still fishing (albeit finishing soon) when I left and he have already catch an estimated 50pcs of prawns, pic shown are just part of his catch which he gave to me.  In the pic there are 30 prawns (yes yes, I counted them), plus the smaller 1st batch he gave away too, that comes up to an estimate of 50pcs.

First up, Bait Selection.
Prawning Power BaitAll ponds provide some form of baits that are FOC, here they provided cockles as the FOC bait. I can't say it does not work cause I see people catching prawn using this as bait, but the bait of choice is actually some sea worm that is also being sold at the pond @ SGD2 per small tub, they also sell in bigger tub. I have no idea what it is called, but am told it is call 'Hai Choong' literally sea worm in Mandarin, which is suppose not commonly found locally but in abundance up north in blackish water. It look almost like an earthworm, crawl like an earthworm, in fact if I am told this is an earthworm I will believe it.  BUT the giveaway is there is a pair of eyes which are no bigger then a pair of black dot, which earthworm does not have, earthworm are blind.

Cut up one length of about 1.5cm and hook it thru to the prawn hook, covering most if not all of the hook with the section of the worm. This bait is suppose to release it's body fluid, which attracts the prawns. Cockles does release some fluid as well, but apparently this one more potent for prawns.

Equipment and Depth to fish
I think all prawning pond provide in-house rods, but in this experience, it is the angler's own prawning pole rod, 4lbs fireline, prawning float, a very small swivel, mono leader and a prawn hook.

Well known fact is to adjust the float so that the hook and bait is just above the bottom. Simply because prawns are bottom feeders and also by keeping the line between hook and float taut, any abnormal behavior happen to the float, it means that the baits caught the attention of the prawns.

When to set the hook.
This is a tough one, I think hands on experiences counts a lot.  For a prawning virgin like me to catch 4 or 5 prawns under guidance, all I can do is to relate when I have learnt thru from talking to experienced anglers and observation.

Keep you eyes on the float, keep you eyes on it even if there is a hot mei mei prawning at the opposite. (Frankly, no idea how come people can do prawning and treat themselves to eye candy at the same time, think I have much more to learn... haha).  Any abnormal movements could means that the prawn's twin pincher are holding to the bait liao. The most obvious is of course when the float goes under, but any sideway movement and slight bobbling could mean that the pincher are attached to the bait.

Now the tricky part, start to slowly lift up the rod till the entire length of fishing line is almost taut. Lift up too fast, the prawn might just release the bait as the movement could startle them, if you can still feel some weight at the end of the line, yup, the prawn is still at the other end of the line.  Hang in that position for a while, let's give the prawn some time to transfer the bait from pincher to mouth, and a slight twitch of the wrist to set the hook and hopefully, the prawn is attacking the correct side of the bait.

If you missed, immediately flick you rod downwards to avoid hooking up the net that hangs at the top or hooked onto the angler beside you. If you hooked onto a prawn, slowly lift up the rod to bring the prawn to you, however if it is a bigger sized prawn, it might fight back . Don't engage in a tug-of-war with it, instead play with it for a while to tire it out before lifting it out of the water.

Well, this event today marks the end of my virgin status for prawning. Do I enjoy it? Frankly, can't say I am, and can't say I am not.  If bites comes this fast and furious like I have witness today, it does look tempting, but the fight lasted like a few short seconds only, which is too short for me to enjoy.  I think I will not pick it up anytime soon, but to meet friends and fisho at the prawn pond, yeah anytime!!!

Updated on 17 Oct 09 - Prawning price at this pond is $14 per hrs, for every 2 hrs purchase you get an extra hour free.
Updated on 22 Oct 09 - Just learn today, for every 2 + 1 hrs purchase (SGD28 plus free hour) you have the option to 'purchase' usage for Another rod for an hour at just an additional SGD2 only. In short, for SGD30, you have one rod for 3hrs plus Another rod for 1hrs.

Tips and Observation
Wonder why some are hooking up prawns after prawns while you are getting none? Prawns by nature does not like to be in an open space, hunt for them by the side or at the area where there are pipes instead of always just dropping it right in the middle of the pond.

In fish pond fishing, you will hurl your hooks, line and bait at the location where the fishes are released hoping the fishes will bite, prawning is another thing altogether. If they put the prawn on one side of the pond, move to the other side to fish or other areas, they are frisky when first release, thus will grab but will not eat the bait.

Seek advice and help from more experienced anglers, most fisho I know will be willing to offer help and advice when asked politely

Hook up a small sinker to help to measure if you are fishing at the correct depth, help if the pond's depth varies.


Alan chan said...

Bro try bishan prawning i think so far thats the best place i ever went too hahaha.

Daz said...

Bro, give me a break lah. Just broken virgin on prawning only leh.... hahaha

Seriously, you are right. I am told by many anglers and many times that Bishan pond is the better pond. Cleaner water, larger prawns, better bite rate. However, just like you prawning is not really my thingy lah. If I ever do it is just to do a review of the place.

fisherman said...

Yes I must agree that Bishan catch rates is good ... but some how i still feel that the prawns at FW3 is slightly bigger in size

Not sure if the bigger the size the better the fight, but i should think so

Daz said...

Notice that FW3 prawning isn't too crowded, not sure because of the fishing available there. The few time I am there to look around, the bite rate isn't too good.

Anonymous said...

Hey nice guide here, any shop to reccomend to buy rod

Daz said...

Notice Prawn rods are sold almost at every tackle shop. Think it is better to check with the tackle shops you are familiar with, do consider the length of the rod.

SilverKingLodge alaskanfishing said...

I've always been interested in Prawn Fishing it is amazing it gives extra joy and pleasure.

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