23 September 2011

Rabbit Rabbit Everywhere - But Caught None

Today I embark my continued education on fishing, this time round I am back to Labrador park again to see if other then 5+M pole rods, if the traditional rod and reel can be used.  Reason for trying this theory is very simple, I do not have a 5M carbon pole rod, and it is can be a very expensive piece of equipment to own if you go for a lightweight ones, can't really understand why they cost some much give the lack of technology into it other then blanks.

My last few trip have been terrible in my quest to catch rabbit fishes here, I have zero problem catching them on kelongs, it is so damn easy on kelongs that all along I have been thinking 'How hard can it be?'. And boy oh boy, it is damn hard. (Pics are Rabbits from Kelong not from Labrador park)

First and foremost, rabbits on kelongs feeds on rice, veggie, bread, etc, and given the high vantage it is easy to spot that the baits have been taken and strike! However this is totally different from fishing for them at Labrador park, first of all, they are damn bloody picky about the baits, they are not interested in anything except for 2 items, balacan mixed with floor and the infamous algae. And even at a higher ground, it is tough to see your baits being taken, so the time to set the hook for me is more in hope rather than anticipation.

Before I go on, I will appreciate any tips from other anglers to catch this so far elusive fish for me from shoreline fishing.

It start so well for me today, bright sunny weather no extreme tide flow, best of all, I managed to lay my hands on their fav food, the algae. But I can't be sure if it is the correct algae, so need to test it out. Before long, BINGO, it is the correct food for them, after numerous try with breads (from Sunshine, Tops, Housebrand etc), bananas, sweet potato, I finally got the correct baits and boy do they love it!

However, what happen next is no end to my frustration for this entire trip. Now I know I have the correct bait, catching them is an entirely different story.  I know that they are not those which will snatch and run, they are more like nibblers, so I go for for a float with an apollo rig with weight, this is in hope that I can feel the bait and strike. But alas, this is not the case, they will nibble and I can't feel a damn thing on my line, they take my bait so fast that I spend more time re-baiting then having my bait in the water. Though I manage to hook up one good sized rabbit, it is like a 'blind' strike rather than an educated one, but I did loss the fish when I drop it in between some rocks.

I need to re-think my fishing method for them, from rod to rig to presentation method, it is not as easy as I thought it is. I had always think that once I solve the bait issues, I am sure I will able to catch them, however this is not the case.

This Sunday I will try for them again if the weather and schedule permits, really need to kill some brain cells to think of a solution. Unless I have some advice and tips from other anglers, I will need to get my heavy 4M fibreglass pole rod to try for them, as they say, if you can't beat the them (the pole rod gang), join them (albeit a cheapo fireglass one).

Hopefully, I will get a better result soon.

Shimano Convergence IM6 6'6"
Shimano Slade 1000 (Unmodified)
Unknown strength braided line (Est 15lbs), with 20lbs leader.
Float rig with weight 6lbs apollo single hook.


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